What is 35% as a fraction?

Accepted Solution

Solution: 35% as a fraction is 7/20MethodsConverting 35% to a fraction, Step-by-StepStep 1:The first step to converting 35% to a fraction is re-write 35 in the form p/q where p and q both are positive integers. Since 35 is a “per-cent” (“every 100”), we can divide 35 by 100 to get:35100\frac{35}{100}10035​Step 2:Now the next and final step is to simplify the fraction (if possible) by finding similar factors and cancelling them out:35100=720\frac{35}{100} = \frac{7}{20}10035​=207​Convert Other Numbers to FractionsBecome a pro at converting percentages to fractions by exploring some examples:What is 31 as a fraction?What is 25 as a fraction?What is 24 as a fraction?What is 11 as a fraction?What is 88 as a fraction?